History & Roadmap

1.0 [pre-May 2023]

  • original system on IONOS (before hiring Israel)
  • sites spread across multiple contracts, domains, servers, filesystems
  • Elementor+oceanWP
  • local cache plugin
  • all-in-one migrator to copy/backup/move
  • separate subdomains (and installs) for spanish, years

1.1 “Migration” [Jun 2023]

  • migrated or started on Kinsta
  • still Elementor+oceanWP
  • implemented MainWP dashboard for updating+managing all sites centrally
  • added Translatepress for multi-language
  • replaced AIO migrator with wp migrate pro
  • removed local cache plugin
  • removed shortpixel plugin

1.2 “Renewal Years” [Aug 2023]

  • NEW Omega Multi-Year Content plugin
  • still Elementor+oceanWP
  • multiple years of content preserved on same site
  • added Simple Page Ordering plugin for drag&drop
  • removed Page Duplicator plugin
  • page title header backgrounds now determined by Featured Image
  • front page becomes the current Overview
  • all pages have Year and Usage taxonomy (overview, benefit, landing, unused)
  • Overview pages are parents with benefit content pages as children
  • new sidebar widgets for overview buttons
  • automatic dynamic prev/next buttons on every page (remove old buttons!)
  • shortcode for overview grids/list [overview]
  • overview grids, next/prev links, nav menu anchors are dynamically generated (no more hardlinks)

2.0 “Static” [Jan 2024]

  • All sites moved to a multi-site subdomain staging instance (xxx.omegastaging.net)
  • Edits and updates performed on private wordpress sub-site, client uses staging domain for preview
  • Live public sites are published as static files, hosted separately (increase speed, total security, reduced wordpress instance load and cost)
  • still Elementor+oceanWP
  • removed Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  • removed Premium Addons for Elementor
  • removed Ajax Search Lite plugin
  • removed WPCode Lite (code snippets)
  • Omega Year plugin updated to 1.2
  • code snippet tweaks implemented internally now
  • cleaned up abandoned database tables and revisions
  • PDF upload automatically generates thumbnails
  • new PDF shortcode that utilizes auto generated thumbs
    [pdf id=”642″ title=”Document Name”]
  • search powered by Algolia (with realtime results)
  • dedicated 404 ‘Sorry!’ page with sitemap
  • new shortcode to embed flimpv video (instead of external links)
    [flimp src=”HubDeliverablesQualifyingEvent” title=”Qualifying Event”]
  • custom date range for benefit years (Apr 2023 – Mar 2024)
  • code snippets incorporated in Omega plugin, removed 3rd party
  • converted all PDF and Flimp Video usage in the template to shortcodes


  • clean up/consolidate stock media library
  • replace Ocean Sticky header
  • new shortcode to replace elementor carousel on homepage
  • footer link that takes to form on Omega Corporate for client edits/updates
  • custom settings input for sidebar links (replace bad widget)

2.5 “Dry Land”

  • swap oceanWP for custom theme? (just for styling to mimic oceanwp, but keep using elementor for layout)

3.0 “Firing Elementor”

  • Omega Theme becomes fully block-based, taking over layout and design from Elementor (requires content conversion!!)